The Goleta Rotary Club welcomed Piotr Hanczyc of Poland as a new member. From Left, Membership Chairman John Holland, Presidend-Elect Brian Rocha, Hanczyc, and President David Dart. (Goleta Rotary Club photo)

The Rotary Club of Goleta’s President David Dart with Membership Chair John Holland and President-Elect Brian Rocha welcome new member Piotr Hanczyc.  

Hanczyc was born in Wrocław, southwest of Poland. He is a post-doctoral researcher at the University of California, Santa Barbara in the group of Nobel Prize winner Professor Alan Heeger.

With degrees in biotechnology, physics and chemistry, and joint PhD projects between Sweden and Poland, he is an author of world top scientific publications.  

He is active in Rotaract Klub in Poland and currently an expert adviser to polish think tank Sobieski Institute about science and education. 

In his private leisure time, Hanczyc likes travelling and sports, he is a big fan of soccer and skiing. He likes to read about history as well as science-fiction and fantasy, and he is always open for new exciting adventures.

Hanczyc is a welcome asset to The Rotary Club of Goleta.

The Rotary Club of Goleta meets the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at Glenn Annie Golf Course in the meeting room off the Frog Bar & Grill.

Visitors are welcome to attend the meeting and learn about the activities of Rotary International as they work together locally and internationally to make this a better world.

Contact Membership Chair John Holland at or Brian Rocha for more information.  

— Lynn Cederquist represents the Rotary Club of Goleta.