At its regular meeting on Tuesday, the Guadalupe City Council appointed Cruz Ramos to the position of City Administrator.

Ramos previously served the City of San Joaquin (population 4,000) in Fresno County as City Manager for nearly 12 years.

She also has experience in sales and marketing, and as a community relations representative for private companies.

Ms. Ramos’ first day on the job will be Oct. 3. The employment agreement is for an initial three-year term and will establish an initial annual salary at $115,000.

“We are pleased to be able to attract a professional city administrator with extensive experience in a small agricultural community such as Guadalupe,” Mayor John Lizalde said.

“She has demonstrated an outstanding ability to manage city finances, obtain grants, and encourage private investment to expand the local tax base. We look forward to working with Cruz to ensure Guadalupe’s bright future.”

The City Administrator position became available upon the resignation of Andrew Carter at the end of July.

Ed Tewes will continue to serve as Interim City Administrator through September.