Herman B. Ortega
Herman B. Ortega

On Sept. 30, 2021, heaven received another person saved by grace. Herman B. Ortega left this fallen world after 34,368 days of life. He lived a full life in his 94 years and most of it living in beautiful Santa Barbara, California. 

Preceded in death by his beloved wife, Dolores R. Ortega who graciously put up with him for 63 years, his precious stillborn daughter Rebecca and sons he was very proud of: William “Billy” Ortega and Herman “Tony” Ortega Jr. 
He is survived by Billy’s children: William “Billy,” Anthony, Maria (Evelyn sadly passed away earlier this year); Rosa and children: Saul, Sarah, Dianna; Anne (Bill) and children: Raina, Teresa and Ron; Tony’s children: Kyle, Herman III “Joey,” Salina, Yvonne, Danny & Ronnie. Rachel (Hamid) and children: Elias, Yasmin Imani, David; Linda and children: Alex, Rebeca, Michael and Hector Jr.

He survived to see his lineage passed on to the fourth generation — what a rare blessing!!  
Herman’s presence was unforgettable; from wearing his trademark cowboy hat or green uniform with prominent American flags that he wore during his successful hauling business, or perhaps the candy he liberally gave away by the handfuls to his natural ability making family, friends, customers or strangers smile.

He sometimes took it a bit too far wearing his uniform that resembled an immigration officer’s when he would ask various men if they had their “papers,” the men would say that they had to hurry back to work although they weren’t “on the clock”! He got a kick out of it. Eventually this ended when a real detective told him that his actions could be considered impersonating an officer — to which he said, “I’ll never do that again, sir!” And he kept his word. 
He was affectionately known as “the candy man” for decades especially in his congregation at Church of God of Prophecy in Santa Barbara during the 57+ years of being a member including at any restaurant when he appreciated the staff.

He enjoyed his wife’s delicious cooking, however, when he wanted to socialize, he often visited Joe’s Café and Harry’s Plaza Café for the great food and to greet cooks, owners and staff at nearly every visit. 
Many strangers (to us) shared their stories of when he helped them out in secret — whether it was monetary, or spiritual (with prayer) they said those moments meant a lot to them and that Herman had a special place in their heart(s). 
His favorite scripture was Psalm 91 which he would faithfully pray from memory every night before he prayed for family and friends one-by-one over the decades. God will still answer prayers for the prodigals and the righteous alike. He was a humble man who really loved his family and cared deeply for his friends. 

We say goodbye for now, but not forever IF we genuinely repent, believe and accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. 
May we all be reminded to use our precious days for things that show our love for one another and moments that matter most. 

Nos vemos pronto, Grandpa.