The Isla Vista Community Services District Board of Directors has appointed Jonathan Abboud to serve as interim general manager.

“I am ready to make the Isla Vista Community Services District the most innovative, transparent, and people-oriented local government in California,” Abboud said.

“I want to work with the board to develop a solid foundation for the future in the areas of board/management relations, participatory governance, district external relations, and measuring the effective use of funds for maximum service delivery,” he said.

“Mr. Abboud of Abboud Consulting has a history of service to the community of Isla Vista, and it is an honor to have Abboud Consulting providing us with Interim General Manager services,” said Ethan Bertrand, board president.

“I look forward to working with Abboud Consulting to make Isla Vista safer, improve the quality of life for local residents, and ensure the long-term success of the IVCSD,” Bertrand said.

Abboud has lived in Isla Vista since 2010, when he arrived to pursue an undergraduate education at UCSB. Since then, he has been a advocate for the empowerment of the Isla Vista community.

As an undergraduate, Abboud served in several leadership roles, including president of the Residence Halls Association, and UCSB Associated Students.

He graduated in 2014 with a B.A. in political science, with an emphasis in American government. Since November of that year, Abboud has demonstrated a commitment to public service as Santa Barbara City College trustee.

As interim general manager, Abboud will prepare and maintain materials necessary for the operation of the board of directors, oversee the implementation of district policies, participate in management of district operations, and supervise the administration of district finances.

The board praised Abboud’s eagerness to provide administrative services to the district at competitive rate independent contractor rate.

The contract with Abboud’s firm, Abboud Consulting, includes $4,000 in set compensation, with the potential for additional payment tied to Abboud’s success at securing grants for the community.

“The IVCSD has acquired a general manager at 6 pecent of cost estimated in the 2015 Isla Vista Governance Financial Analysis Study,” said Spencer Brandt, director and board secretary. “We are proving that we can do a lot with a little.”

The board of directors made the decision to begin searching for a qualified consulting firm to serve as interim general manager on Aug. 8. The window for firms to submit proposals closed on Sept. 1.

The district’s decision to solicit firms to serve as general manager, rather than an individual employee, balanced the financial constraints associated with the district’s lack of dedicated tax revenue, and the community’s desire for the district to begin providing municipal services.

Over the last three months, the district has opened an office, assumed management of the Community Room, secured grants for future community programming, and developed an expansion of Community Service Organization community policing on weekend nights.

— Spencer Brandt for Isla Vista Community Services District.