In response to the unprecedented crisis facing the community, Organic Soup Kitchen is increasing its service to all Santa Barbara County residents without turning anyone away. The Soup Meal home delivery service provides optimal nutrition and food security during this critical time.

Delivery is available to everyone from Goleta to Summerland, including families, seniors, those with medical conditions and any other community members who want immune-boosting soups delivered straight to their door.

Organic Soup Kitchen’s nutrient-dense soups are specifically formulated to strengthen immune systems and retain the medicinal value of their ingredients. Featured recipes change weekly and are offered in both plant-based and bone broth varieties.

Soup meals are hermetically sealed in BPA-free containers providing clients with 100 percent safe, clinically backed nutrition with no additives, preservatives or fillers.

Since 2009, Organic Soup Kitchen has been the sole organization in Santa Barbara County to make and deliver organic, plant-based Soup Meals to cancer patients, seniors and those with chronic illness.

Organic Soup Kitchen partners with oncologists and works diligently to ensure that its soups contain ingredients that lower inflammation, balance blood sugar, and improve circulation. Recipes follow the dietary guidelines of the American Cancer Society and the protocol of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute as well as other leading experts.

Organic Soup Kitchen is committed to creating soups of the highest quality, consistency and medicinal value.

“Without hesitation, Organic Soup Kitchen is providing immune strengthening soups to the doctors and staff on the front line at Cottage Hospital,” said Cheryl Giefer, Organic Soup Kitchen Board member.

“At a time when the need for optimal nutrition is high, we are fortunate to have a trusted resource in our community that always supports those who need it most,” she said.

To order, call 805-364-2790, email  or visit