The Ablitt’s Fine Cleaners & Launderers customer service team, from left, Mark, Danny, Marco, Sarah, Mari and Victoria. (Ablitt’s Fine Cleaners & Launderers photo)

Most South Coast residents know Ablitt’s Fine Cleaners & Launderers for their workmanship, free pickup and delivery, and the place where everyone sends their wedding dress.

But, did you know that on a national level Ablitt’s is known as a model for businesses trying to tap into the deep abilities and intrinsic drive of their team of employees to grow a company?

So says Inc. Magazine.

In the case study, “A Simple Formula to Engage Your Team to Reach a Goal,” Inc. columnist David Finkel examined Ablitt’s “concierge” level service, which offers complimentary pickup and delivery and delivery from clients’ home or office, according to Sasha Ablitt, owner of the Santa Barbara landmark business.

Specifically, it’s not concierge service that’s the focus of the case study; it’s about the formula applied to the service that grew the number of Ablitt’s concierge level clients through the roof.

Finkel’s formula?

A clear objective + a simple, real-time scoreboard + a little fun and creativity = An engaged, aligned team focused on one of your most important objectives.

He contends that the formula can be applied, along with innovative, sound business best practices, in any industry, including a second-generation, family-owned dry cleaners in Santa Barbara.

Ablitt’s is located at 14 W. Gutierrez St. in downtown Santa Barbara. Click here for more information.

— Jennifer Goddard Combs is a publicist representing Ablitt’s Fine Cleaners & Launderers.