Once again we see a  coordinated smear campaign launched against Donald Trump just before a presidential debate. Leading the charge, the socialist Democratic Party and the corrupt liberal media.  Revealed, an audio of a locker room talk between two men in a private conversation 11 years ago. 

Why was the audio released? To set up Trump before the debate and distract from damaging Hillary Clinton e-mails just released by Wikileaks. These e-mails reveal that Hillary has a cozy relationship with Wall Street groups, she wants open borders, and that she / Obama OK’d the sending of weapons to Islamic rebel terrorists in Libya, who were fighting Muammar Gaddafi. Never mind that Mummer Gaddafi agreed to work with the US. The rebels were linked to Al Qaeda and ISIS. The weapons were sent via a rogue arms dealer, Marc Turi, to Qatar and the UAE who would give them to the rebels. And they were filtered through Benghazi with Ambassador Steven’s help. No wonder she didn’t react to the devastating attacks and loss of American lives in Benghazi, everything would have been exposed.

On another point, who is really against women, Donald Trump or the Clintons? Bill Clinton, unlike Trump, has a mile long record of raping, groping and abusing women. What did Hillary Clinton do about it? She enabled her husband by denying his actions, and then attacking his victims by degrading, intimidating, and threatening them. These are not the actions of someone who cares about women, but instead of someone with an insatiable quest for power.

America, do not be fooled or distracted by this 11 year old audio. We have many serious issues to deal with. Included, a weak economy, radical Islam, illegal border surges, North Korea, China, Russian aggression and a very dangerous Iran. All of the problems we see today, are the result of Clinton + Obama, policies, not Donald Trump.

Don Thorn