Dear Santa Barbara,

I’ve decided to enter the race for mayor as a write-in candidate. As our newly elected mayor, my first order of business would ensure a more efficient emergency response time and safer streets for all residents.

Let’s brush aside the Fiesta barnstorming in the chief’s report and discuss the issue for which the surface was barely scratched. He stated that he was sending officers on a door-to-door campaign to discuss the homeless problems with business owners and residents. If this logic were sound, why not send other departments on door-to-door campaigns as well?

How about sending the Drug Enforcement Administration and Coast Guard on a door-to-door campaign against panga boats? Or should we send the police door to door looking for partying college students?

Would the Fire Department see fit to go door to door looking for smoke or people in need of medical aid?

Let’s ask the chief about his stance on illegal immigration. Is he prepared to go to every resident’s door to tackle that issue? What would we find if we went door to door to find the suppliers of methamphetamine and heroin?

Are not all these issues just as important when it comes to community safety?

Most importantly, will door-to-door campaigns by law enforcement officials be the most effective way of communicating the city’s need or the needs of the chief and the police officers association?

Thank you for your time. I hope to see you at the next City Council meeting.

— Steven C. Reynalds, Santa Barbara