On July 4, America will celebrate its birthday. Although this will be a time for celebration, what is most needed is a stern warning that we could lose everything that made our country great.

America has always stood for freedom — not only here, but around the world.

The question of the day: Are Americans prepared to fight for their freedoms, the Constitution and their country?

Do we care that we are being invaded by illegals, due to President Barack Obama’s immigration policies and there is no border security? Why wasn’t a fence built and the National Guard stationed at the border?

Do we care that “the president acts unilaterally, in defiance of Congress’ authority to legislate and in contempt of the Constitution’s separation of powers, on which all our freedoms ultimately”? Our country was founded because we defeated a tyrannical king.

Do we care that we have massive unsustainable debt, untold numbers of crippling regulations and an economy that is not recovering? Socialism always fails.

Finally, do we care that the president is aiding terrorists more than our allies. He has released five very dangerous jihadists from Gitmo, has not stood up to Iran, has given money to Hamas instead of standing up for Israel, and gave weapons to jihadists who later attacked Benghazi and now are spreading like wildfire in Iraq.

The best present for America would be for all of us to wake up and stand up for our God-given rights, freedoms and our country.

Diana Thorn