Every day brings another article or study about how important water is becoming to the average American. I think all of us here in Santa Barbara County have felt the impact water, or the lack thereof, can have on our day to day lives.

Our county is seeing a tremendous problem with the drought right now. Anyone driving Highway 154 can see how low Lake Cachuma is. However, the county and some politicians here have focused almost exclusively on restriction of water use and on conservation.

These are great steps, but there is much more that can be done, especially when it comes to providing MORE water for all of us in the county. We need to be looking at the full picture, not just one or two things.

With his background in water development and a master’s degree in engineering Infrastructure Planning with an emphasis in water, Bruce Porter is extraordinarily well equipped to move the county forward toward more commonsense solutions to obtaining and utilizing water.

In addition to this one incredibly important issue, it is abundantly clear that Bruce Porter has a big-picture mentality with regard to many issues facing our area. This type of view and insight is vital to our local businesses, economy, environment and our communities as a whole.

I am very happy to fully support his run for Third District supervisor, and I hope my neighbors will join me in also voting for common sense and Bruce Porter.”

Krisanne Caciola