[Noozhawk note: This letter was originally addressed to Santa Barbara County Supervisor Doreen Farr.]

We live with our house to the back of Cathedral Oaks Road between Brandon Drive and Winchester Canyon Road. The traffic of the dump trucks from Ellwood Canyon Road has become increasingly large, noisy and smelly from the diesel fumes.

I am troubled by this in that I feel it would make sense for the trucks to be using the Winchester Canyon overpass to enter and exit from Ellwood Canyon Road rather than Cathedral Oaks to Glen Annie Road — especially because they drive by Dos Pueblos High School and the Evergreen Terrace Apartments, which have a larger volume of vehicle, pedestrian and bicycle traffic.

By going directly via the Winchester Canyon route, the trucks would involve less interaction with these parties.

Am I misinformed that the latest renewal of the quarry’s permit required the use of the Winchester Canyon route? The trucks often stop and wait idling in the middle of Cathedral Oaks between Brandon and Ellwood Canyon. In the last 20 minutes alone, I have counted 15 trucks pass behind our house.

Is there anything we can do to lessen the impact of this? High school starts soon, and this should be addressed before the coming impact of traffic from the Glen Annie and Cathedral Oaks intersection returns.

— Sue Woodill, Goleta