I have two huge problems with Bruce Porter’s candidacy for Third District Supervisor, and either one should disqualify him.

1.  As a FInancial Advisor he has a fiduciary responsibility to all of his clients to put their interests first, especially with retirement accounts.

And yet he is not required to disclose who his clients are before he would cast his vote.  And given that he has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from special interests such as homebuilders, road builders, and tourism and vintner organizations, will they reward him by giving him their money to manage?  If so, who will he be serving as our elected representative:  himself with fee income, his clients with unknown and unreported account assets, or us, the taxpaying citizens of the Third District?

2.  Second, he will be a part-time Supervisor since he cannot delegate his fiduciary responsibility to another another employee, therefore, his promise to hire an intern to serve his clients while he acts as Supervisor rings hollow.

I am not OK with that type of financial secrecy and I am not OK with a part-time Supervisor with divided loyalties and possible conflicts of interest. I don’t think anyone else should be comfortable with this untenable situation either.

Conservative voters who want an experienced and dedicated candidate with no such conflicts, who is not taking any money from special interests, should vote for Bob Field for Third District Supervisor.

Remember the saying “follow the money”.

John K. Poitras
Santa Ynez