People who have their hands tied by the establishment continue to spread lies regarding Republican congressional candidate Justin Fareed while ignoring the fact that the large majority of outside money is coming into this district by DEMOCRAT super PACs supporting his opponent, Salud Carbajal.

Carbajal has received $828,000 from TWO outside establishment groups and almost another $500,000 from additional outside money.

Why? Because they’re threatened by the new ideas of Fareed and know that, unlike Carbajal, he can’t be bought.

Even before the primary was over, the Washington, D.C., establishment threw money to Carbajal over Helene Schneider because they know they can control him.

Unfortunately, this is what happens when good people go up against the political machine. Luckily, Fareed is a genuine and kind-hearted candidate, and the people of our community are smart enough to see through the lies of pathetic establishment figures.

WHEN Justin Fareed wins in November, I look forward to watching him fix the mess that is our national government.

Erika Strauch
Santa Barbara