At Monday’s press conference, state Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson and Assemblyman Das Williams called for truthfulness in the Measure P debate. No on P concurs!

Unfortunately, the proponents of Measure P can’t undo the falsehoods that they have been telling to the public, including Jackson and Williams. Rather than admitting that they were duped by the Water Guardians, Jackson and Williams are trying to protect themselves by representing the No On P campaign as being untruthful.

I guess they have forgotten about how the Water Guardians misled people into signing their petition to stop hydraulic fracturing while failing to mention that none is occurring here, nor is it likely to occur here. I suppose it just slipped their minds that the Santa Barbara County staff concluded that all oil wells in the county would at some time be subject to one of the treatments that the Water Guardians propose to ban, thereby resulting in the eventual shutdown of the entire industry. They must not have been paying attention when county counsel stated that Measure P represents the biggest financial liability the county has ever faced. And, finally, I guess they just never got around to reading the UCSB economic study that describes in detail the huge positive economic influence the oil industry has on the county.

So thanks for calling for truthfulness, Ms. Jackson and Mr. Williams. Let’s hope the Water Guardians were listening. But they haven’t yet.

John Deacon