As a kid, I wondered if I’d make the year 2000. Fifteen years after the elevators and power grids made it though the digital apocalypse, I ‘m settling down and becoming a functioning citizen of the 21st century. There are a few adjustments to be made in my expectations of how things work and how we develop enough patience to see them through.

Before I made my new year’s resolutions, updating my profile was needed to organize my personal infrastructure. I spent three days and four hours in around the world, robotic English conversations, upgrading my cell phone, my airline reservations and three missing Christmas gifts from Amazon. All because someone in Bosnia tried to charge a fake Prada on eBay using my credit card.

So, let’s make some resolutions:

» Weight: Less calories (do the math).

» Health: Join the Y (make it a social event).

» Personal enrichment: Give more to charity, or better yet, volunteer at one, and see how the world really works.

» Be nice to your neighbors: Don’t want until you have to pull them from a burning building or a car crash. Some acts of kindness are still heroic, though spelled with a small “h.”

» And, my favorite … Improving family cohesiveness: Children, embrace your parents and their “old fashion” values. Use that cell phone as a “phone” and talk to them. Notice how the sounds their voices have warmth, love and concern. Emoticons don’t cut it! Develop the art of conversation. Sit around the dinner table, check your electronics in a lock box, and talk with each other. You might need that skill sometime when you are explaining to your doctor what “hurts.” Parents, embrace your children’s “new values” without the instant “put downs.” The catechism states the age of “reason” is 7 — a little young, so let’s pep it up to around 16! And, a sense of humor never hurts.

Finally, surely, you’ve noticed with the horrific world news that we should feel very fortunate to live where we do. Let’s resolve to made the United States an even a better place in 2015.

Robert Lettieri
Santa Barbara