In the Jan. 14 Noozhawk edition, you ran an excellent article by Ron Fink about “free speech” and “illegal aliens.” The article was well researched, stating that the Santa Barbara News-Press was correct when it stated that people who were here illegally were indeed “illegal aliens.”

Yet, about 200 alleged Santa Barbarans protested in front of the News-Press, saying they were “undocumented immigrants” not “illegal aliens.”

In my opinion, those protesters were also “uneducated aliens” since they failed to acknowledge the truth about their status. Or, perhaps they do know the truth but are emboldened to protest because of the actions of our president and attorney general.

I graduated from Santa Barbara High School in 1956 and eventually retired from the City of Santa Barbara in 1990. My sister worked some years for the Santa Barbara News-Press, which was an excellent employer.

In all that time, we never had to observe illegal aliens act in such a manner as those in front of the News-Press. They were too busy hiding out from the Border Patrol. It is a sad thing to see how times have changed since then.

How long would we stay out of prison if we were to go into Mexico and start protesting? Just asking.

I admire the News-Press for its stand on this issue. I also admire Ron Fink and Noozhawk, who are willing to stand up for the truth about what’s happening in our country. I do not admire those protesters who marched in front of the News-Press. The free speech the illegals enjoy here would not occur in the country where they are citizens. It used to be that illegals wouldn’t have enjoyed it here either.

Charles Caudle