Beau Wilding, wearing plaid shirt and leather jacket, plays guitar while leaning against a stone wall.
Beau Wilding will perform on March 10 at brewLAB in Carpinteria. Credit: Courtesy photo

Local folk rock artist Beau James Wilding is back with a follow-up single to January’s “Set Myself on Fire.” His new piece is called “The Dove.”

A performance by Wilding on March 10 at brewLAB in Carpinteria will celebrate the release.

As the second single from his upcoming full-length record, “seeing i god,” “The Dove” pays homage to host of genres and inspirations, featuring a colorful melting pot of rhythmic guitars, flowing strings and vocal lines.

Soaring violin scrapes by Santa Barbara’s David Stone, and churning electric guitars abound over the entrancing beat of a bodhrán drum.

Wilding identifies with pride as a person with a disability, a disease having rendered him legally blind when he was 18. This perspective influences his lyrical storytelling, in particular on this track.

With regard to “The Dove,” Wilding said: “It’s about living a life with perceived imperfection and the work of art that is living that life, the process of making it a life of beauty, joy and connection not in spite of those imperfections but because of them.

“The sound is intentionally simultaneously vulnerable and abrasive to capture how this life may come with rasps but may be equally sweet. ‘The Dove’ is inspired by my father, who had a significant brain injury, but is relatable to all of us.

“We’re all given these imperfect bodies, and the work of art that is a life is not always to obsess over eradicating flaws, but to allow those flaws to help tell one’s unique and magical story.”

The music video for “The Dove” was filmed by Larry Nimmer and conceptualized by Wilding with support from David Zamudio.