Local Motion: Chanda Fetter

Because she’s a pilate hottie…

Chanda Fetter was a Professional Ballet Dancer with the Sacramento Ballet, and trained with Ballet West Colorado, San Francisco Ballet and Boston Ballet before she danced her way to Santa Barbara shores.  She owns and operates IMX Pilates in Santa Barbara and can be found there training clients of all fitness levels in the areas of pilates, yoga and spinning.  She enjoys Santa Barbara’s art and event scene, and recently got into bicycling long distance. We took a few moments to tap into Chanda’s core interests….

Best thing about Santa Barbara:  what’s not to love? Being so close to the beach, mountains and wineries is a big perk along with the weather!

Most recent itunes download:  sadly, none, I rely on other talented souls to build my musical library for me.  I loved the Gwen Stefani concert at the Bowl, though!

Pet peeve:  Drivers that dawdle in the fast lane, it’s meant for passing, not loitering!

How you keep it green:  I’d have to say I take my first few breaths each morning and acknowledge how grateful I am.  How you start the day is extremely important!  I also try to laugh a lot, at myself mostly.  I am a recycling fool.

Most fabulous find:  My house, I love it!  Anyone who lives in SB knows how hard it is to find a great place.

Guilty Pleasure?:  Anything chocolate!  A good Syrah! Both!

Work out regime:  Since I own a pilates studio I’d have to say I do a LOT of pilates, yoga and spinning.  I get at least 5 good work outs in a week.

Best meal in town:  Carmelized Halibut from Chad’s

Last Read:  The 4 Hour Work Week – what can I say, I just opened a business.

Last Read if No One Was Looking: Maxim.  That’s where get the real dirt on what men want….

If I didn’t live in Santa Barbara I’d live in:  San Diego or Chicago

Your favorite comeback, quote or line:  Kiss My Grits!

Popular Personal Purchase:  Workout clothes are my uniform.  I adore lululemon at Paseo Nuevo and recently discovered a Brazilian line in Kauai.

All time favorite movie:  Breakfast at Tiffany’s

SB secret spot:  Franceschi Park (No secret but most tend to forget how awesome the view is from there).

Most embarrassing moment:  Falling on my crutches down a glass escalator in the middle of a mall, leg in a cast, wearing a skirt, bounced down about half the length of stairs .

Reality t.v. allover it or I’m over it?:  Soooooo Over It!

What inspires you:  The people who I surround myself with.  I am blessed with a great network of friends/family.

Favorite place to see a local band:  SOHO

Best hike or favorite trail:  Rattlesnake Canyon

Best SB beach:  Hendry’s Beach… always!

Vacation destination:  Anywhere tropical……..or Italy

After work you can be found:  At home with a glass of wine

If you didn’t live in SB you would live in:  Chicago or San Diego

Your friends would describe you as:  lots of fun

If you could channel anyone it would be: _____ for their _____: Gandhi for his wisdom