Public comment taken during Lompoc’s goals and priorities workshop. (Courtesy photo)

At the conclusion of a March 9 goal- and priority-setting workshop, the Lompoc City Council decided on a set of four new goals and to retain its priorities from the 2017-19 budget cycle. The workshop drew about 60 community members.

The council approved the following overarching goals for the upcoming budget cycle:

» Ensure a safe and supportive city through fully staffed and equipped public safety departments.

» Implement a community development program that improves opportunities for growth of residences and businesses.

» Provide support and partnerships that empower community members and volunteers’ ability to improve Lompoc.

» Determine a sustainable financial plan.

Priorities for the upcoming 2019-21 budget cycle:

» Market rate housing incentives.

» Business incentives.

» Public safety personnel retention.

» Retrofit of Fire Station No. 1.

» Funding/savings plan for construction of new fire station and Police Station 6.

» Rehabilitation of turf at city arks.

» Business counter – revisions/changes to hours of business, project tracking, greater efficiencies, and customer friendliness.

» Upgraded restrooms to city parks.

The City Council reaffirmed these priorities from the 2017-2019 budget cycle during the meeting, and city staff has been directed to return with these priorities integrated into the newly approved goals.

Also at the workshop, the council took public comment and heard the results of the recent City of Lompoc Priorities Survey that drew 970 responses from the community.

The survey resulted in 78.35 percent of respondents choosing economic development as their top priority from the goals Lompoc City Council established in 2015, with 77.42  percent selecting public safety; 51.13  percent for parks and recreation; 43.71 percent, infrastructure; 24.43 percent for code enforcement; and 24.95  percent choosing other.

Among the write-in answers for the “other” category were: housing, homelessness, crime, tourism, and city image.

Lompoc City Manager Jim Throop’s presentation to the council at the workshop can be viewed at Goal and Priorities Workshop Presentation.

— Samantha Scroggin for city of Lompoc.