City of Lompoc electric utility customers will be receiving a one-time, $150 rebate in June to assist them during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lompoc City Council recently approved the rebate, which appropriates about $2.3 million from the electric greenhouse gas (GHG) allowance reserves. GHG allowance reserves offset part of a utility’s cost for complying with increasingly stricter state-imposed GHG emission limits.

The credit can be applied to the utility bill of electricity customers, including the entire utility bill rather than just the electricity portion. If the $150 credit isn’t used the first month, the remainder will roll over to the next month’s bill each month until the entire amount is used.

If the customer terminates service from the city of Lompoc and there is an unused balance, the credit will be returned to the GHG fund, not paid to the customer.

Questions about the rebate can be directed to 805-875-8253.