The Lompoc Parks and Recreation Divisions want to provide clarity to the community on the types of activities currently allowed at city parks.

In keeping with state and Santa Barbara County mandates, gatherings of any size are not permitted, except during outdoor recreational activities when physical distancing of six feet can be maintained.

Examples of permitted recreational activities include, but are not limited to, walking, cycling, jogging and hiking. Sports facilities and stadiums are to remain closed.

Coverings worn over the nose and mouth are required in parks, except when park visitors are able to maintain at least six feet of physical distance from others who don’t reside in the same household.

The following activities are allowed at Lompoc parks:

• Youth sports and physical education when all of the following are maintained:
• Outdoor operation
• Physical distancing of at least 6 feet between participants.
• A stable cohort (such as a class, that limits risk of transmission in accordance with public health guidance for youth sports).
• Conditioning and training that focus on individual skill building (such as running drills and body weight-resistance training). Full California Department of Public Health guidance for youth sports can be found at–en.pdf
• Public and private tennis and pickleball courts may operate outdoors only, provided social distancing requirements are followed (Santa Barbara County Public Health Order No. 2020-8.1).
• Outdoor protests.

The following activities are not allowed in Lompoc parks:
• Use of playgrounds
• Gatherings of any size with people who do not live in the same household, except for outdoor recreational activities.

• Organized sports and team sports including adult and amateur (non-professional) team sports.
• Congregating in or around tennis courts, or eating on tennis courts.
• Sports that cannot be played with a minimum of 6-feet social distancing.
• Outdoor sporting events and assemblies.

More on park use guidelines is posted at