Winners of the Annual Skateboard Competition, held Aug. 17, have been announced by Lompoc Recreation Division.

Open to all skaters ages 7 and older, the event was co-sponsored by Surf Connection. Lompoc Foursquare Church provided refreshments. In all, 24 skaters participated.

Following are the winners:

Age: 7-9 Best Run – Beginner
1st Christian Relis
2nd Oliver Relis

Age: 10-12 Best Run – Advanced
1st Isaac Relis
2nd Koa Goy
3rd Aaron Relis

Age: 10-12 Best Trick – Advanced
1st Aaron Relis
2nd Isaac Relis
3rd Koa Goy

Age: 13-15 Best Run – Beginner
1st Ryleigh Serpa
2nd Daniel Aronson

Age: 13-15 Best Run – Advanced
1st D. J. Kesse

Age: 13-15 Best Trick – Beginner
1st Daniel Aronson

Age: 13-15 Best Trick – Advanced
1st D.J. Kesse

Age: 16-18 Best Run – Advanced
1st Jojo Vasquez
2nd Lucas Ricabahca
3rd Aqeel Rashad

Age: 16-18 Best Trick – Advanced
1st Jojo Vasquez
2nd Shane Daniel Giles
3rd Daniel J. Hernandez

Age: MASTERS – 19+ Best Run
1st Robby Hargreaves
2nd Jason Smith
3rd Swampdad Navarro

Age: MASTERS – 19+ Best Trick
1st Cameron Haynes
1st Swampdad Navarro

— Samantha Scroggin for city of Lompoc.