Question from Amanda

Why do guys think with their dicks?


That’s a question that is probably fueled by some angry energy.

It’s also a cliché that you have heard and, although it may allow you to feel the upper hand of flinging that line, let’s take a look at a bigger, more realistically phrased picture. A person asking that question is someone who feels used or disrespected.

It will help you if you can better understand how guys tend to think so that you can sidestep people who do not wish to treat you with honor and integrity.

Yes, it is true that guys are thinking about sex a lot. However, a good guy will be interested in knowing you before he makes a sexual comment or hopes to expect any sexual interaction with you.

When a guy jumps quickly to flattering you with words like “hot” and “sexy,” that indicates he may be interested in sex with no emotional attachment. When you are looking for guys online it can feel like ALL guys behave this way. THEY DON’T. Block or ignore any creepers. They are not worth your time or attention.

Expect to be treated like a person with thoughts and feelings and ideas and intellect and humor. You ARE a soul. You HAVE a body. Look for people who are interested in your soul. Your body is only for someone who puts YOU first.

Here is what Matthew Hussey has to say about this subject:

YouTube video

(Matthew Hussey video)

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Question from Frank

I was walking home from school and this guy goes, “Hey,” and I ignore him and he goes, “Hello,” and I ignore him and I keep walking, and he yells, “Fat!” And I’m not even fat! It just really got to my head and I got upset … I do have some weight on me but I’m not fat … I don’t know. It just kinda made me feel self-conscious.


I had a similar experience once. I was downtown and some guy kept trying to get my attention. Girls are taught not to talk to random strangers and so I ignored him. As I passed him he yelled, “You’re not even that cute!”

Of course, come on. I am adorable : ) But it stung. I knew that I had just hurt him but I still remember the encounter. I had a reason not to talk to that guy. Did you have a reason not to say hey to somebody who goes to your school? Or was he a random, scary-looking grownup who has no business greeting you?

This guy insulted you because you ignored him and that hurt his feelings, and he is apparently very insecure and immature.

Generally, if someone greets you, say hey. That’s what grownups tend to do unless we feel threatened by the person. There is so much less at stake for us.

Kids are always reading all kinds of layers into who would think what about them if they said hello to a certain person. It’s easier to just duck past somebody you don’t really know. But if you are feeling shy, a nod or a wave will suffice.

If you felt it was unsafe returning the greeting then fine, you get to ignore him and his random insult showed you that you really don’t want to know him. But DO NOT let his comment get under your skin. Most people are hurt by people they have hurt. Shake this off. His comment means nothing.

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Question from Carlos

What can I do if I don’t have anyone to teach me how to drive nor can afford to hire someone?


You have posed a question that looks and feels like a dead end.

First understand that there IS someone who will teach you how to drive. Now the question opens up to become, “How can I find a way to learn how to drive?”

Is there a driver’s ed program at your school? Who do you know who knows how to drive? Who do you know who knows someone who knows how to drive?

A lot of grownups would be honored to teach you how to drive. The world is full of people who want to help you. Find one.

Get started with tips and advice from new driver Ayla Berry:

YouTube video

(Ayla Berry video)

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