The following is a summary of some of the crime data collected by the Police Department over the last two months for the City of Santa Barbara.

This information has been gleaned from a combination of statistical analysis and input from Patrol Division and Investigative Division supervisors tasked with reviewing crime reports.

The overall numbers of major crimes reported, commonly referred to as “Part 1” crimes, are slightly up from the previous month, but in most categories are down in comparison to year-to-date figures from 2012. Minor crimes reported, known as “Part 2” crimes, are down from the previous month and roughly even with year-to-date figures from 2012.

» Violent crimes: The rate of many violent crimes is down, particularly instances of rape. The exception seems to be cases of aggravated assault, which have been down in recent months, but are still up for the year. Many of the documented robberies continue to be shoplifting incidents that turn violent when the perpetrator is confronted by store employees.

» Property crimes: The overall rate of property crimes continues to decrease. Cases of vehicle theft have been down recently, however are still up in comparison to year to date figures from 2012. Detectives report that several cases involve cars with keys left inside or the engine left running. A number of other cases involve victims and suspects that are acquaintances. Residential burglaries were spread throughout the city. Detectives report that few of these instances involve suspects breaking into homes; most points of entry are unlocked side or rear doors or windows. Jewelry, cash and laptop computers are the most popular items to steal.

» Gang incidents: The overall number of gang incidents is down from the previous month however the severity of gang violence, i.e., shooting and stabbing, remains unchanged.

— Sgt. Riley Harwood is a public information officer for the Santa Barbara Police Department.