Dr. Brett Gidney with Marian Regional Medical Center’s new advanced cardiac ultrasound machine.

Dr. Brett Gidney with Marian Regional Medical Center’s new advanced cardiac ultrasound machine. (Courtesy photo)

Marian Regional Medical Center Foundation recently received a transformational $1 million donation, Marian Regional Medical Center (MRMC) has announced.

The donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, is dedicated to supporting the hospital’s continued acquisition of the latest in innovative medical technologies, the medical center said.

With this significant donation, Marian Regional Medical Center will be purchasing specialized and leading-edge medical equipment to advance the hospital’s heart center services, nursing services, surgical services, and neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

The money already is allowing MRMC to advance medical technology for the community as the first piece of medical equipment — an advanced cardiac ultrasound machine — funded through the donation recently arrived.

The newly acquired GE S70 Vivid Dimension ultrasound system takes a leap forward in image quality with improved color flow, HD live capabilities, and full 4D capabilities, as well as further AI-enabled automation. The advanced cardiac ultrasound machine will be used for electrophysiology procedures conducted at MRMC by expert electrophysiologist Dr. Brett Gidney, MD.

“I continue to be amazed by the incredible support the residents of the Santa Maria Valley and surrounding communities show our hospital,” said Sue Andersen, president/CEO, Marian Regional Medical Center.

“This recent and meaningful $1 million donation is truly special since the anonymous benefactor’s intention represents the epitome of an altruistic act of kindness,” she said. “With this gift, Marian will be able to purchase advanced medical equipment which will specifically further the hospital’s Surgical Services Expansion Project, Sue J. Sword Heart Center’s Electrophysiology Services, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, and Radiology departments.

“On behalf of hospital leadership and the Marian Foundation Board of Directors, we extend our sincerest appreciation and gratitude for this impactful gift.”

Members of the public who are interested in supporting medical equipment needs at MRM can donate to the Marian Foundation’s Advanced Technology and Innovation Fund. For more information, contact the Marian Regional Medical Center Foundation, 805-739-3595.