What would you do if someone were to tell you your ears were missing? Would you compulsively put your hands to your ears to check and then laugh at the joke?

That is just the trick that the fox plays on the silly little goose in Marni McGee‘s Silly Goose, only the goose believes the fox. Thinking that she needs new ears, the goose tries to borrow some from her friends. But the cow’s ears are too big, the rabbit’s are too long, and the flowers just look silly. Goose thinks she has a real problem, and so when the fox, disguised as a peacock, lures her into his den to shop for ears, Silly Goose falls for the ruse.

Silly Goose is in big trouble, as the fox has no intention of giving her ears, but of making dinner out of her. Goose’s animal friends realize the trick and rush to rescue her. Fortunately, Silly Goose is not a helpless heroine, nor is she as goofy as her name implies. Just when it looks as though her goose is cooked, Silly Goose makes a startling discovery that allows her, with just a little help from her friends, to escape the fox.

Silly Goose
By Marni McGee, Illustrated by Alison Edgson
Good Books Publisher
ISBN: 1561486159
hardcover, 28 pages
Available May 1

Children will love the beautifully colored illustrations and the gentle expressiveness of the animals’ faces. Goose’s peril is skillfully presented, not too frightening for younger listeners. The ultimate punishment of the naughty fox will satisfy the older child’s sense of justice.

Silly Goose is a delightful addition to the libraries of children ages 4-7, and will be available May 1.

McGee, a longtime Santa Barbara resident and children’s author, has published 11 books. Click here for more information.