Marymount students observe social distancing while eating outside. (Courtesy photo)
Mask-wearing helps students stay safe at Marymount.

Mask-wearing helps students stay safe at Marymount. (Courtesy photo)

With their focus on the joy of learning for current students and an eye on the future of providing the best education available, Marymount on Oct. 1 announced its 2020 Strategic Plan, along with new mission, vision and values statements, while safely welcoming first-sixth grade students back on campus this past week.

Since receiving the highest level of re-accreditation from the California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS) in spring 2019, Marymount has been reflecting on the best ways to implement CAIS’s recommendations and put this updated progressive educational model into action.

In the State of the School Address, head of school Chris Broderick and members of the Board of Trustees, Alexis Weaver and Paloma Arnold, updated the community on the school’s new mission, vision and values statements and strategic plan.

“Based on significant feedback from parents, students, faculty and staff, our strategic planning steering committee worked tirelessly and enthusiastically to ensure that our school continues to boldly move forward with the highest level of educational offerings, while focusing on the well-being and personalized learning plans for every student,” Broderick said.

The updated mission statement affirms that “Marymount provides a student-centered, individualized learning in a joyful and nurturing community, inspiring academic excellence and valuing difference.”

The new vision statement commits “to empower individual potential, inspire purpose beyond self, and cultivate social responsibility.”

Marymount also made the strategic decision to move away from any affiliation to one singular religion, and will continue its commitment to look through the lens of diversity and global citizenship through the expansion of its signature Kaleidoscope Program.

The curriculum thematically weaves together the study of world religions with ethical decision-making by integrating literature and creative activities in all grade levels, and culminating in projects focusing on social justice throughout middle school.

Broderick also recently named a director of student wellness and diversity, equity and inclusion, director of technology of integration, and director of academic innovation leading the Center for Creative Design and Engineering, to further promote Marymount’s signature programs in social and emotional learning and opportunities for artistic, athletic, technological, and academic exploration.

Since Marymount’s waiver was approved a few weeks ago, students in first-sixth grade joined the junior kindergarten and kindergarten students back on campus and have been able to enjoy these learning experiences in person.

“The best part of Marymount has always been our students and families,” Broderick said. “I can feel their excitement to learn each day, and see their smiling faces, even behind those masks. We are taking every precaution to keep them safe, engaged and inspired.”

With Santa Barbara now moved into the red tier of COVID monitoring, Marymount’s seventh-eighth grade students are invited to return back for in-person instruction the week of Oct. 12. Limited spots are still available in those upper grades.

The educational vision for each Marymount graduate is to empower individual potential, inspire purpose beyond self, and cultivate social responsibility as they prepare for high school and beyond.

For more information, email or call 805-569-1811 ext. 131.