MOXI, The Wolf Museum of Exploration + Innovation.

MOXI, The Wolf Museum of Exploration + Innovation. (Courtesy photo)

MOXI, The Wolf Museum of Exploration + Innovation has earned Green Business Certification at the Innovator level from Santa Barbara County Green Business Program.

MOXI’s sandcastle-inspired building was constructed in 2016 to be LEED Gold Certified, meaning the design addresses carbon, energy, water, waste, transportation, materials, health, and indoor environmental quality.

Taking the next steps to tackle internal operations including encouraging alternative transportation and electricity-saving measures by the staff has allowed MOXI to further reduce its environmental footprint and earn the innovator level of certification.

Certified Green Business Innovators have met the highest verifiable standards of sustainability set by the California Green Business Network by going above and beyond the basic requirements of Green Business certification.

“It has been an honor for our program to work with MOXI. The museum is an important part of our community, a leader in science education, and has made sustainability an integral part of their operations,” said Frances Gilliland, program director of the Green Business Program of Santa Barbara County.

“Innovator Green Business certification is right in line with MOXI’s values of inspiring the next generation of creative problem solvers to take on big challenges like climate change,” said Robin Gose, MOXI’s president/CEO. “We are happy to do all we can to lead on this important issue and show our commitment to our visitors.”  

MOXI has also signed on with the city of Santa Barbara’s Clean Energy (SBCE) program to commit to running on 100% carbon-free electricity. The 100% Green offering from SBCE means MOXI will run on renewable energy sources like solar, wind, and large hydro.

“By making the pledge to stay with SBCE, MOXI is leading by example and committing to reducing its carbon footprint in a big way,” said Bri Winkler, energy and climate specialist with the city of Santa Barbara.

Furthering its attention to the environment, MOXI will be ramping up existing programming and opening new exhibits aimed at sustainability.

Starting April 21, MOXI will challenge the next generation to learn how they can put the practices of scientists and creative thinkers to work to help battle climate change with The Climate Change Challenge, presented by Sonos.

The series of exhibits and programs taking place throughout the museum includes transforming the Handprint Globe into the Climate Change Globe to provide a visual reference for changing conditions around the world, and a spotlight on the Innovation Wall of companies, scientists and others who are pursuing innovations to combat the effects of climate change. 

MOXI’s Bridge gallery will feature the creative reuse artwork of Calder Kamin and SuperArtificial makerspace which invites guests to create and add to an upcycled garden filled with vibrantly colored creatures and plants created from plastic waste.

Kamin transforms trash into crafted creatures, sculpting whimsical installations made entirely from discarded materials. The adjacent SuperArtificial makerspace will be modeled on an enchanted garden from the future, and offer guests a chance to add their creations to the menagerie. 

The Innovation Workshop’s ongoing relationship with Art From Scrap encourages visitors to reuse discarded materials in creative ways any time of year. April’s theme of “Innovating for Earth” offers visitors the chance to tackle eco design challenges, mystery bag upcycling, and to contribute to a collaborative mural.

Innovation Workshop activities rotate monthly, ranging from engineering challenges to collaborative projects. Entry to the workshop and any projects created there are included with general admission.

The Climate Change Challenge is offered as part of the Environmental Alliance of Santa Barbara County Museums’ community-wide effort, Impact: Climate Change & the Urgency of Now. Fourteen leading local museums and cultural institutions are uniting to creatively explore the impacts of climate change through focused exhibitions, media campaigns, and educational programming. Learn more at

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