In an effort to improve parking turnover and availability in Old Town Goleta, the Goleta City Council has approved new 90-minute parking restrictions that will take effect this spring.

The city is also installing red and yellow curb in several locations.

Old Town Hollister Avenue and on the first block of side streets, not otherwise designated, will be restricted to 90 minutes between 7 a.m.-7 p.m, Monday through Saturday.

Drivers must move their vehicle at least one block at the end of each 90-minute period to avoid a parking citation. Signs will be posted before the restrictions are put in place.

To improve sight distance for drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists, red curb will be added at the following seven intersections. 

  • Hollister and Orange Avenue
  • Hollister and Magnolia Avenue
  • Hollister and Pine/Nectarine Avenue
  • Hollister and Tecolote Avenue
  • Hollister and Rutherford Avenue
  • Magnolia Avenue and Gaviota Street
  • Pine Avenue and Gaviota Street

While the additional red curb will mean a loss of 13 parking spaces, the spots will be recovered with the angled parking planned to be installed as a part of the Old Town Hollister Avenue Interim Striping Project this summer.

Finally, yellow curb (indicating Commercial Loading/Unloading Zones) will be placed on portions of the curb on Pine Avenue, Tecolote Avenue and Rutherford Street.

Direct questions to Derek Rapp, contract traffic engineer at or 805-770-0205.