Within two months of her knee replacement surgery, Audrey had rejoined her lawn-bowling teammates on the course. (Cottage Health photo)

It was a little later in life when Audrey discovered the sport she loved. About a decade ago, when she was in her mid-70s, she attended a Senior Expo at Earl Warren Showgrounds and discovered lawn bowling.

Something about it appealed to her, so she tried it at a Santa Barbara park. While she enjoyed the game quite a bit, she especially appreciated the friendliness and encouragement of the other lawn bowlers. They made her feel at home, invited her to join, and she’s been happily participating ever since.

But several years ago, Audrey had a setback. She started noticing a general weakness in her right knee, and it kept getting worse. It felt like it was going to buckle, which caused her concern.

“The worst fear a senior citizen has is falling,” Audrey said.

She knew she needed to do something. She first tried a series of cortisone shots, but they didn’t help. She started feeling frustrated.

Then another lawn bowler who’d had a knee replacement recommended Dr. Graham Hurvitz, an orthopedic surgeon affiliated with the Cottage Center for Orthopedics.

Audrey knew the time was right. She had a total knee replacement surgery at Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital.

Her surgery was followed by physical therapy, and Audrey’s recovery was, as she describes it, “amazing.”

Audrey had the surgery in November, and by January she was back to lawn bowling.

Now, at 85 years of age, Audrey lawn bowls with her club three days a week. She loves getting outside, enjoying the sunshine and being with her friends.