OsteoStrong trainer Shelly Elnicky administers a bone scan to Barbara Lanz-Mateo. (OsteoStrong photo)

As part of its association with the National Osteoporosis Foundation and American Bone Health, OsteoStrong Santa Barbara, at 2277 Las Positas Road, has committed to providing 1,000 free bone scans this year and is available to anyone in the area who thinks they may have an issue with osteoporosis.

The disease is often called the “silent killer” because you can’t “feel” your bones getting weaker. It is estimated that half of all women and a third of all men over 50 are affected by osteoporosis.

The statistics are even more dire as we age. Nearly one-third of all deaths after 65 are fall-related with most being the result of broken bones. And 20 percent of seniors who break a hip die within one year from problems related to the broken bone itself or surgery to repair it. Many of those who survive need long-term nursing home care.

There are drugs and injections you can take, but the National Institutes of Health have determined that those drugs may actually cause fractures, which is why OsteoStrong was developed as a health franchise. OsteoStrong offers a natural way to increase bone density, strengthen core muscles, relieve joint pain and develop better agility and balance.

“We call it active aging,” said Shelly Elnicky, a trainer at OsteoStrong. “Many people like to go the natural route and we are a healthy, natural alternative to the pharmas.”

OsteoStrong uses an accudxa2 peripheral scanning device, which is the gold standard in the health industry, and measures the small bones in the hand. If you have osteoporosis in the smaller bones, chances are the disease is already in the larger bones, such as the hips and spine.

The X-rays from the device are so minimal that no protective gear is needed and the radiation emission is less than from a cell phone. The scans usually take about two minutes and a printout of the results are given to each person to take to their physician as an aid to determine fracture risk.

“Team OsteoStrong Santa Barbara has only been open since April, and we have already provided over 400 free scans so we are nearly half way there already,” said Minnie Weighill, trainer and coach at the Las Positas location. “We would love to surpass the 1,000 free scans we have committed to giving away this year.”

If your organization or business would like to set up a free scan event for your members or employees, please contact Yvonne at OsteoStrong Santa Barbara at 805.453.6086. Click here for more information.

— Yvonne Parsons represents OsteoStrong.