The Knox School of Santa Barbara for gifted and talented children grades first-eighth is offering scholarships to girls in grades seven and eight.

Knox Founder and Executive Director Angela Tanner, Ph.D., says, “Giftedness is under identified in girls. Once identified, gifted girls tend to receive less support and encouragement than boys. Then instead of acting out against a world that does not understand and appreciate them, gifted girls internalize their angst and it manifests as anxiety or depression, which is often hidden.”

There are many myths about the gifted and talented population. One misconception is that a gifted child must be gifted in everything.

“Most gifted children are talented in a special arena, not in all areas of accomplishment,” says Tanner.

Another myth is that a student can’t be gifted if he or she is receiving poor grades. 

“Underachievement describes a discrepancy between a student’s performance and his actual ability,” says Dr. Tanner. “Gifted students may become bored or frustrated in an unchallenging classroom situation.”

So how do you know if your child is gifted? Characteristics of a gifted child include the following:

» Advanced verbal and reasoning ability

» Early development of idealism and sense of justice

» Emotional sensitivities

» High energy, alertness or eagerness, perfectionism

» Physical and sensory sensitivity

» Preference for older companions or adults

» Rapid learning and excellent memory

» Strong curiosity and long attention span when interested

In addition to offering scholarships for gifted girls, The Knox School of Santa Barbara, located downtown at 1525 Santa Barbara Street (across from Alice Keck Park), is currently accepting applications. 

To apply, please call 805.222.0107 or email us at [email protected].

Wendy Jenson represents The Knox School.