Parker Coffin rips a turn off the lip during the final of the Rincon Brewery Pro event Sunday.
Parker Coffin rips a turn off the lip during the final of the Rincon Brewery Pro event Sunday. Credit: Fritz Olenberger / Noozhawk photo

The victory was especially sweet for local pro surfer Parker Coffin in Sunday’s Rincon Brewery Pro event at the 41st Rincon Classic.

Coffin used an impressive 8.67 ride on his second wave of the competition to hold off Jabe Swierkocki and defending champion Dimitri Poulos and claim the championship.

His two-wave total was 13.97. Swierkocki came in second at 12.8 and Poulos was third with an 11.84.

Jabe Swierkocki finishes a big turn on a wave. Swierkocki came in second place in the Rincon Brewery Pro. Credit: Fritz Olenberger / Noozhawk photo

Coffin was competing after suffering a serious facial injury in December while surfing in Barbados.

He was thrown off balance on a large wave and went head first into a razor-sharp reef, according to Surfer Magazine.

“The way I fell sent me straight into the reef onto my face and shredded my left eye and nose,” Coffin explained in an Instagram post. “… Dazed and confused I came up in time to get a loud yell and a big breath before taking the next wave on the head.

“Lucky for me the crew in the lineup was quick to grab me and help me get to shore.”

He had surgery on his face and has been healing for the past few weeks.

In another Instagram post, he wrote: “I ripped my face/eyelid apart about a month ago and have been doing my best to heal … I have full vision and am just waiting for the scar tissue to continue to break down so I can open my eye all the way … what a journey!!

“Thanks to everybody involved with helping me get back to 100%. Still no surfing, but I’ve been working out tons and getting my mind right. Feels good to be close.”

With less than 2:30 left in the heat, Coffin secured the Rincon title with a 5.3 score, milking everything he could out of a smaller wave.

Dimitri Poulos floats on a breaking wave. The defending Rincon Brewery Pro champion finished in third place. Credit: Fritz Olenberger / Noozhawk photo

In the Women’s Open Final, Maddie Malmsten won the title with a two-wave score of 14.5. She posted an 8.0 on her fourth wave of the competition.

Sara Taylor came in second at 10.92 and Ashley Fagerstadt was third at 10.16

In the Wahines (U17) final, Jessica Engel took first place with a score of 14.23. Luella Pace (11.04) and Madyson Stone (10.8) came in second and third.

Jak Ziets captured the Boys Juniors (U17) title with 14.93, overtaking Jack Zoltan (13.24). Sean Stepen was third at 10.83.

The Boys U14 winner was Aiden Albada with a 14.33. Dominic Arce won the Groms (12U) title with a 12.3, edging Maddox Keet (11.2).

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Highlights from finals day at the 41st Rincon Classic.

Rincon Brewery Pro

1.     Parker Coffin       13.97

2.     Jabe Swierkocki  12.8

3.     Dimitri Poulos     11.84

4.     Cory Arrambide  11.63

U12 Gremlins

1.     Dominic Arce             12.3

2.     Maddox Keet              11.2   

3.     Koby Wachter            9.73

4.     Oakley Souder            8.93

5.     Ronin Castorino         8.87

U14 Boys

       1. Aiden Albada                 14.33

       2. Joey Penueta                  11.07

       3. Beckett Mechtenberg  10.87

       4. Aiden Mcdermott            8.43

       5. Sean Mccleery                  6.5

       6. Hawk Modicette              5.67

U17 Juniors

       1. Jak Ziets                             14.93

       2. Jack Zoltan                        13.24

       3. Sean Stepan                      10.83

       4. Koa Modicette                    9.73

       5. River Huhn                           9.6

       6. Luc Doering                         6.54


       1. Jessie Engel                       14.23

       2. Luella Pace                        11.04

       3. Madyson Stone                10.8

       4. Izzy Scott                           10.17

       5. Rebecca Jamgocian         5.83

       6. Eloise Grewe                     4.26

Open Mens

       1. Pete Mussio                       13.16

       2. Tyler Chiarappa               10.87

       3. Colin Anderson                    9.23

       4. Brandon Benjamin              8.66

       5. Colin Schildhauer                 5.4

       6. Vinny Leonelli                       3.73

Open Womens

    1. Maddie Malmsten            14.5

    2. Sara Taylor                        10.93

    3. Ashley Fagerstedt            10.16

    4. Rachel Tominaga              9.5

    5. Makenzie                             9.24

    6. Rose Johnson                     6.1


1. Javi Moreno                            8

2. Nate Winkles                          7.84

3. Daniel Wachter                      7.77

4. Sean O’toole                            7.03

5. Dennis Rizzo                           6.88

6. Parker Bornemas                  6.43

Grand Masters

1. Britt Merrick                           9

2. Jacob Nesheim                        9 

3. Mike Lane                                 8.44

4. Bromi Krock                            7.93

5.Greg Venable                            7.8

6. Tyler Turner                            7.47


1. Tony Degroot                        12.57

2. Dana McCorkle                     12.07

3. Andy Smalley                        11.4

4. Shawn Quien                         10.87

5. James McClintock                  6.24

6. Jim Donahue                           4.87

Super Legends

1. Dave Johnson                        10.84

2. Fred Wachter                        10.73

3. Bill Urbany                               9.63

4. Paul Mann                                 5.87

5. Thomas Kunz                           5.5

6. Frank Morales                          4.33

7. Danny Bralver                          2.1

Lady Legends

1. Simone Reddingious           11.43

2. Nancy Lusk                              10.03

3. Lisa Luna                                    9.17

4. Sally Saengar                         8.87

5. Lyn Burich                              5.43

6. Sue “Fish” Ledig                  

Open Longboard

1. Raymond Sayles                 15.06

2. Jeff Belzer                             13.97

3. Shayne Davis                       13.27

4. Malia Llagan                        11.97

5. James Pike                              9.6

6. Evan Trauntvein                   9.13

King Of The Queen

1.    Channel Islands Surfboards Total Points 101.14

U12 or U14

Maddox Keet (2nd place U12)

9 point ride (2nd highest score of event)

points for team 27.6

Masters or Grand Masters

Britt Merrick (1st place GM)

9.6 highest score  of event

47.4 points for the team

Mens or Pro

Killian Garland (Equal 5th  RB Pro)

Highest Score: 6.57 

20.57 points for the team

Shop Employee

Jasper Rhodes (first round elimination)

5.57 total points for the team

  2. J7 Surfboards  Total Points 71.57

     U12 or 14

    Hawk Modicette (6th place U14)

    Highest Score: 4.77

    11.94 total points for the team 

   Masters or Grand Masters

  Nate Winkles  (2nd place Masters)

 Highest Score: 5

  17.8 total points for the team

Mens or Pro

Hamilton Jacobs (equal 13th Mens)

Highest Score: 6

Total Points for the team:  23.93

 Shop Employee

Koa Modicette (4th place Juniors)

Highest Score: 6

17.9 Points for the team

3. A-Frame Surf Shop total points 15.94

U12 or 14

Hawk Modicette (6th place U14)

 Highest Score: 4.77

 11.94 total points for the team 

Shop Employee

Shaya Alexander (12th)

4 total points for the team

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