Editor’s Note: The Santa Barbara County Joint Information Center sent a follow-up advisory at 7:32 p.m. Thursday saying, “The super-chlorination of Montecito District water has been delayed for approximately 1 to 2 days. We will let you know when this process is scheduled to begin and we apologize for any confusion.”

The original notice is below: 

The Boil Water Notice issued on Jan. 9 is still in effect for most Montecito Water Customers.

For the next few days, Montecito Water District will be super-chlorinating the water system to properly disinfect the water in preparation for lifting the Boil Water Notice.

Super-chlorination will begin at 4 p.m. Thursday.

When the super-chlorination treatment has ended, a notice will be issued. Please follow this advisory on super-chlorinated water until that time.

Residents in the affected area, especially those with sensitivity to chlorine, are advised to limit prolonged contact with the water until further notice.

Boiling the water and letting it stand, uncovered for several hours will allow some of the chlorine to dissipate.

Super-chlorinated water can cause skin irritation, skin burns, and throat/ mouth irritation if ingested. People are advised:
» Do not use super-chlorinated water for bathing, drinking, or food preparation.
» If exposure to skin occurs and skin irritation is visible, wash the area with clean water for 20 minutes and recheck. Seek medical evaluation if irritation persists.
» If nose/ mouth/ eye exposure occurs and causes irritation of these areas, seek medical evaluation right away.

We will inform you when tests demonstrate the chlorine levels have reduced to normal drinking water levels.

This is related to the flood emergency in Montecito that damaged Montecito Water District water mains. The duration of this water emergency is unknown at this time. Please refer to the Montecito Water District website or Santa Barbara County website for more information, including a map of the area receiving high chlorine concentrations, locations to pick up bottled water, and those areas still under a boil water notice.

The Summerland area that is no longer under a Boil Water Notice is exempt from this notice.

Their water is safe to drink and used for cooking and other domestic purposes and will not experience higher than normal chlorine concentrations.

This area is:
» East of and including Ortega Ridge Road to the ocean.
» South of and including Hunt Drive.
» West of and including Greenwell Road / Asegra Road
» Freesia Drive, Caspia Lane, Marguerita Way, and the Montecito Ranch Estates.

For more information, please call:
Montecito Water District: Chad Hurshman, Water Treatment & Production Superintendent, 805.969.2271
State Water Resources Control Board: Drinking Water Field Operations Branch- District Office, 805.566.1326