Registered nurse Leslie Kelly will speak about making end-of-life decisions and having meaningful discussions about those choices during a free lecture, 6 p.m. Sept. 20 at Dick DeWees Senior and Community Center, 1120 W. Ocean Ave., Lompoc. Reservations are not required.

End of Life Care: The Enlightened Ending is sponsored by Lompoc Hospital District Foundation, in conjunction with the Lompoc Parks and Recreation Department.

Kelly has been a an RN in the Lompoc Valley for more than 30 years, working in ICU and cardiac rehabilitation. She was also a hospice case manager for five years and is currently president of the Lompoc Valley Medical Center Board of Directors.

Kelly will speak about her own journey having witnessed more than 200 end-of-life situations.

During the talk, she will use both scientific data and antidotes from her five years with hospice to help change the perspective of the end-of-life from a taboo, dreaded and dark subject to one of meaning and empowerment.

“Designing your death requires thought, preparation with legal documents and communication, but mostly living in the present moment and embracing life to the fullest,” said Kimberly Paul, author of “Bridging the Gap” and the “Death by Design” podcast.

The term “designing your death” means taking charge of the decisions about the extent and type of medical care you will choose, and having the conversations that will enable your wishes to be followed, Kelly says.