In times of crisis, we can find inspiration in acts of kindness, small and large.  Now, more than ever, we must be in this together.  

Cox recently launched The Connections Project – a series of initiatives that celebrate real people and real stories of connection. Stories that inspire us all to reach out and connect with our communities and with loved ones in our lives. Stories that show the real power of technology to bring us closer to one another at a time when it’s needed, #NowMoreThanEver.  

As we all use technology to connect, we want to meet people where they are, whether near essential businesses and health centers or online and in social media feeds. 

Recently, Cox awarded a $7,000 grant to Partners in Education’s Computers for Families (CFF) program to support the increased need for educational tools like laptops, internet access, and other services needed by the Santa Barbara community during the COVID-19 pandemic. As students have transitioned to distant learning, these funds will support CFF as they equip students with essential technology. 

“Every time there has been a community crisis, Cox has made improvements and tries to meet people where they are and get them what they need. It makes our job as a nonprofit easier when we can offer tools that are actually helpful. It is an honor to do this work together and we thank you,” said Chelsea Pacino Duffy, Executive Director of Partners in Education.

Earlier in 2020, Cox awarded Partners in Education with a $9,600 grant to support their overall mission of providing students with educational tools that foster their continued academic success.  Additionally, we have offered to provide all students in our markets with internet connectivity through our Connect to Compete program

We also partnered with the James M. Cox Foundation and awarded a $25,000 grant to FoodBank of Santa Barbara County to provide fresh produce and essential foods, nutrition knowledge, and education for children, families and seniors in our community.

As a company, we also have a long history of supporting organizations committed to inclusion and diversity and our parent company just announced an additional fund of $1 million in the wake of the recent crimes of racial injustice.  We look forward to forging new relationships, supporting our community, and bringing about positive change.  

Keep the inspiration going 

In many ways, our desire to connect is stronger now more than ever. People are cutting out and pasting hearts on their windows to bring a smile to essential workers passing by on the way to work. Others are hosting car parades to say thanks or placing teddy bears in their front lawns to spur neighbors into a social distance scavenger hunt. As a community, let us encourage and embrace this part of our new normal. The part that seeks deeper connections with family, friends, neighbors and strangers.  

You can get in on the action, too. Do your part to spread positivity by sharing your own connection story and tagging #NowMoreThanEver on your social media channels.  

Let’s create closeness…while staying apart. Let’s stay connected.  

We’re in this together, and #NowMoreThanEver we need to be sure our loved ones, friends and communities know we’re in it with them. 

— Kirsten McLaughlin has been the Market Vice President for Cox Communications in Santa Barbara since 2016. Cox has provided more than $8 million in cash and in-kind COVID-19 related contributions throughout its Southern California markets.

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