For many Santa Barbara foothill residents, some seasons bring not only beautiful weather but also the fear of another devastating fire. Part of that fear comes from feeling unprepared for a fire or other natural disaster.

To help, Regina Magid, a real estate broker/consultant with Village Properties’, has organized a Neighborhood Preparedness Club. The club will complete its training at 11 a.m. June 7 with an evacuation drill in the San Antonio Creek and Park Highlands neighbordhoods. Contact Magid if you would like to participate.

Be ready at home with your walkie-talkies charged, turned on and set to Channel 12. (It is understood that walkie-talkies must be continuously charged and on.) We are allowed to use the emergency exit through Tucker’s Grove Park. Representatives from the County Fire Department, Sheriff’s Department and Red Cross will be present.

The meeting place is Tucker’s Grove Park, Area 2. The evacuation drill will begin by having intermediaries check in.

Drill leader Marilyn Hansen will start the drill by calling the following streets: La Espada, La Riata, Via Veneto, Via Maria, Via Clarice, Upper San Antonia Creek Road (1145 and higher), Via Gennita, Via Orquida, Pennell Road, Via Rubi and Middle San Antonio Creek Road (1000 to 1140).

If you are an intermediary for the street called, please respond by saying your name and address, then “over.”  Wait for your street to be called before responding. Do not give any other feedback during the middle of the drill.

Bill McNamara will take over and have intermediaries on the following streets check in: Lower   San Antonio Creek Road (999 and lower), San   Antonio Court, Via Los Padres (oceanside), Via Los Padres (mountainside) and Via Los Santos.

Hansen then will begin notifying residents to evacuate by announcing the following: “When your street name is called please evacuate to Tucker’s Grove Park, area 2.” McNamara will do the same for his streets, and he will pronounce when the evacuation drill order is complete.

Remember to get your grab-n-go emergency items. If you volunteered, check on those who will need help evacuating.

Let’s celebrate our Neighborhood Safety Program completion!

Shane Zimmer is Village Properties’ marketing coordinator.