The Royal Pride Foundation has renewed its investment in the San Marcos Titan strength training program at San Marcos High School with a grant of $15,000.

The program is a collaboration between San Marcos High School and Santa Barbara-based Titan Sports Performance. It’s available for all student athletes, and provides customized strength training instruction by professional trainers.

“The impact that Titan strength training has had on our student athletes has been incredible,” said longtime SMHS athletic director Abe Jahadhmy, noting an increase of 10 California Interscholastic Federation titles and a decline in student injuries. 

“We know that some parents pay hundreds of dollars for specific strength training outside of the school day,” foundation board member Stacey Fell said. “Our board loves the fact that Titan strength training is available to every student athlete on campus, and that the results have been so consistently positive on our school’s collective athletic performance.”

The Royal Pride Foundation knows the importance of athletics in the community, and proud to make this investment.

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