Lake Los Carneros Footbridge is estimated to be 30 years old.

Lake Los Carneros Footbridge is estimated to be 30 years old.

The wooden footbridge at the northern end of Lake Los Carneros is closed due a public safety hazard caused by extensive wood rot.

The city of Goleta Public Works Department inspected the bridge earlier this week and discovered several support posts are in need of replacement. The existing structure is estimated to be 30 years old and is exposed annually to seasonal flooding during the winter months.

The footbridge will need significant reconstruction or replacement to reopen. Public access across the bridge is closed until further notice.

City staff is working on a recommended plan for assessing the extent of needed repairs, engineered design, and permitting the necessary infrastructure improvements. A cost estimate and funding for the project is not yet developed, but will be detailed as part of the improvement process.

The city understands this is an inconvenience to Lake Los Carneros visitors who enjoy using the wooden footbridge to view wildlife, connect with nature, and find a nice place to relax. Visitors are encouraged to detour around the footbridge via Covington Way to the north or do a loop hike through the many alternative trails at the eastern and southern portions of Lake Los Carneros.

Temporary signage and barricades have been posted onsite. Additional signage and detour maps will be installed to aid in navigating the detours. 
Questions about the footbridge closure can be directed to George Thomson, Parks and Open Space manager, 805-961-7578 or