New funding comes from the California Nonprofit Performing Arts Grant Program.

New funding comes from the California Nonprofit Performing Arts Grant Program. (Courtesy photo)

Santa Barbara Dance Institute (SBDI) is developing a new dance program focused on intergenerational inclusion for all ages, abilities, and families.

The program’s purpose is to create meaningful human connections through dance for communities and individuals at every age and stage of life. It is designed to improve the social and emotional health of families, youth and elders.

Thanks to new funding from the California Nonprofit Performing Arts Grant Program, participants of all ages will have access to SBDI dance activities that will stimulate the imagination and strengthen relationships while building a sense of community and well-being.

Since 2005, SBDI has partnered with schools and community centers with little to no art programming to provide dance education that helps participants develop critical life skills including self-awareness, a deep understanding of culture, self-expression, and connection to others.

It is the belief at SBDI that healthy communities require public engagement that supports and embraces their racial, cultural, and socio-economic complexity. SBDI outreach efforts include families that are lacking in resources for creative programming.

People interested in programming for their community, should contact SBDI. SBDI also offers professional development programs for those communities they cannot reach directly.

“This new source of funding from the California Nonprofit Performing Art grant will help SBDI make our goal of offering intergenerational dance classes a reality,” said Rosalina Macisco, director of SBDI.

For more on the work and programs of the Santa Barbara Dance Institute, visit or call Macisco, 805-245-0794