A Santa Barbara Executive Round Table (SABER) will host a meeting, 8:30-10 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 14, at the University Club in Santa Barbara to discuss the financial risks and opportunities facing the New Year. Attendees can expect to hear from experts with insights on the trajectory of Tri-County’s and California’s economic status and financial solutions.

Guests speakers will include:

Mark Schniepp, who directs the California Economic Forecast in Santa Barbara. The company prepares forecasts and economic commentary on the regional economies of California.

Brian Johnson, general manager, Radius Group. Johnson has been a commercial real estate agent serving the Central Coast since 2002. He specializes in assisting investors in the targeted buying and selling of these properties, while helping his clients

Keith Berry, real estate. With some 40 years of experience as a Santa Barbara Realtor and as a Realtor servicing all areas in Santa Barbara, Berry helps both buyers and sellers meet their real estate objectives.

Brett Weichbrod, a partner and wealth manager at AmeriFlex Financial Services, with expertise in analyzing and providing recommendations within small corporate retirement plans and nonprofits. His experience includes working with institutional investors building fixed income portfolios and strategies.

— Jennifer Goddard Combs for Santa Barbara Executive Round Table.