Just in time for Drive Electric week, Santa Barbara recently installed 30 new electric vehicle charging stalls on the top floor of the Granada Garage, 1221 Anacapa St., in support of the city’s ongoing effort to reduce community-wide greenhouse gas emissions and improve local air quality by facilitating electric vehicle adoption.

Transportation-related emissions make up over half the city’s total greenhouse gas emissions and are the largest source of emissions state and nationwide. Reducing transportation emissions will require a multi-pronged approach, combining active transportation with zero or low emission transportation options, such as electric vehicles.

Facilitating widespread electric vehicle adoption is one of the state’s key climate priorities, as illustrated by Gov. Gavin Newsom’s recent executive order calling for all new car sales be zero-emissions by 2035 to support the state goal of carbon neutrality by 2045.

Electric vehicles produce significantly less greenhouse gas emissions than standard internal combustion engine vehicles, especially when combined with 100% renewable and carbon-free energy, such as the electricity will be supplied by the city’s Community Choice Energy Program, Santa Barbara Clean Energy, when it launches in 2021.

The city is actively looking to encourage electric vehicle adoption through thoughtful and widespread expansion of the city’s electric vehicle charging network and the development of programs that increase access to electric vehicles.

The project was funded by a combination of Southern California Edison’s Charge Ready Program, which paid for the infrastructure improvements required to install the stations, and a grant from the Santa Barbara Air Pollution Control District, which paid for the charging stations.