The Santa Maria Utilities Department offers complimentary home water conservation visits to city customers throughout the year. A water conservation specialist visits the home and evaluates fixtures for opportunities to save water (and money) both indoors and out.

During a home visit, the water conservation specialist will: identify and describe the types of plumbing in the home; discuss common areas for potential leaks; evaluate monthly water consumption (use); describe the maintenance of irrigation systems as applicable;provide information about low-flow devices available to help conserve water; discuss any active state or county rebates or programs, if available; and share water conservation strategies for residents.

Water conservation kits will also be distributed to residents (while supplies last). The kits include: a low-flow showerhead, faucet aerators, kitchen swivel, fill-cycle diverter, leak detection tablets, toilet tank bank, and a flow meter bag with installation instructions.

To schedule a free home water visit, call the Utilities Department’s water conservation specialist at 805.925.0951, ext. 7235.