Scott Gibson

Scott Gibson, 54, of Santa Barbara, died of sudden heart failure on Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2019, in his home. Scott was widely known as a professional photographer, owner of Scott Gibson Photography and Santa Barbara Postcards, and a participant in the local community, in particular, the surfing community.

Scott was born Feb. 1, 1968, in Midland, MI, to Dennis and Ruth Gibson. Scott has two brothers Steve Gibson, 58, of Mountain View, CA, and David Gibson, 56, of Asheville, NC.

Growing up in Wheaton, IL, Scott was an exceptional track athlete and football player competing in state meets and championships. Scott moved to Santa Barbara to attend Westmont College. During his college years, he participated in Semester at Sea where he traveled around the world and gained a love for adventure traveling and capturing extraordinary images on film.

After graduating, he pursued his love for surfing and adventure and photography as he built Scott Gibson Photography. He travelled extensively to Bali, Fiji and Baja while maintaining his home for more than 30 years in Santa Barbara.

He was married to Nancy Myers of Santa Barbara.

Friends and family openly regard Scott as the funniest person they have ever known. His extraordinary talent with the camera and charisma to rally adventures and tell stories have been enjoyed by countless people. Above all, Scott truly loved the people in his life.

He is beloved for his heart and his incredible humor and his passion for life. He will be deeply missed by his parents and his brothers and all those who have had the immense privilege of sharing life with him.

A memorial service will be held at 11 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 23, at Calvary Chapel 1 N. Calle Cesar Chavez, Ste. 21, Santa Barbara.