Regulars at the Costco hotdog stand in Goleta’s Camino Real Marketplace got a pretty sweet deal Tuesday, as the store handed out free hotdog and soda combos all day — to celebrate Camino Real Marketplace developer Mark Linehan’s birthday.

Linehan apparently is a fan of the quick, tasty and cheap meal, according to Marketplace representative Jim Youngson, who said the developer shows up at the stand fairly regularly.

“He said, ‘these are so good, I think I’ll hand them out free on my birthday,’” Youngson said. “It’s a thank you to the shoppers, and also to Goleta.”

At less than $2 per hotdog and soda, the combo is also a favorite of many a starving student,  Costco shopper and locals just looking for a quick bite. Lines filled up quickly during the noon hour and delighted customers walked away with free lunches.

In other Camino Real Marketplace news, meanwhile, the shopping center has donated office space to the city of Goleta for a new police substation — although the official announcement is weeks away.

The facility, to be located next to the movie theaters, will help local law enforcement better cover Goleta’s west side. The Marketplace paid to fix up the office space and will be leasing it rent-free to the city for the next five years. The city plans to cut ribbon on the new space next month.