West Coast salmon smoker The Santa Barbara Smokehouse, Inc. achieved BRC (British Retail Consortium) AA certification earlier this month. The family owned and operated company produces cold and hot smoked salmon under brands such as Cambridge House that can be found throughout the nation.

The company first became BRC certified in August 2018 achieving an A grade, and less than a year later achieved the top announced audit score of AA. BRC Global Standards represent the highest level of auditing throughout numerous industries.

The BRC global standard for food safety, now in its eighth version, is widely regarded by those in the food processing and manufacturing industry to be the most demanding yet rewarding food safety standard in the world.

“I’m immensely proud of the team and what we have achieved,” said Sam Brown, manager of operations and development. “Our goal as a company is to consistently produce the finest quality smoked salmon available, while being industry leaders in food safety.”

Brown and his father Tim, who is the president and founder, are both acutely aware of the importance of searching for new ways to improve food safety. “It doesn’t stop here, as a company we won’t ever stop searching for new ways to improve, perfection is never attainable, but you have to shoot for it,” the elder said.

— Sam Brown for The Santa Barbara Smokehouse, Inc.