The year’s 25th Falcon 9 rocket launch from Vandenberg Space Force Base now won’t occur until Saturday night or Sunday morning at the earliest. 

On Friday, SpaceX said the rocket and its 22 Starlink satellites were aiming for liftoff at 10:55 p.m. Saturday from Space Launch Complex-4 on South Base.

The team has other opportunities available until 2:52 a.m. Sunday, according to SpaceX.

If the departure is delayed for any reason, additional opportunities are available starting at 10:33 p.m. Sunday. 

Launch times are determined by where a satellite needs to be placed in orbit. 

The mission will use a first-stage booster that already has flown 14 other times.

After finishing its job, the booster will return to land on the Of Course I Still Love You drone ship positioned in the Pacific Ocean.

While residents will hear the rumble of the departure, a droneship landing typically means sonic booms won’t be heard on the Central Coast.

This is the second delay for the mission, based on advisories issued ahead of planned liftoffs from the base. 

Even before SpaceX confirmed a Friday night or Saturday morning launch wouldn’t take place, blustery weather moving onto the Central Coast had made the launch attempt iffy and a delay likely. 

The West Coast launch is one of three planned from three states for SpaceX this weekend, with a Starship test in Texas, and another Falcon/Starlink mission in Florida also expected.

A live webcast of the Vandenberg mission is scheduled to begin on the SpaceX account of the site formerly known as Twitter about five minutes before liftoff.