Spark Rescue Santa Barbara has 11 puppies for adoption. An all volunteer, charitable animal rescue organization that offers dog and cat adoptions, Spark Rescue does not have a physical site, but is rather a foster-based rescue with all its animals staying in private homes.

Instead of putting animals in cages, Spark Rescue has built a community of foster families who take in the animals until the right adopter can be found. This way, the animals avoid the additional stresses of institutional living.

Spark asks all potential adopters to complete an application before being referred to the foster to meet their animal of choice. To visit one of the rescues, the adoption application must be pre-approved to arrange meet-and-greets with the fosters.

All of Spark’s rescue dogs stay with foster families, most of whom have busy schedules, and as a courtesy to them meetings are scheduled only with pre-approved applicants. Spark also requires those who meet with a dog to sign a release of liability form, no exceptions.

Spark adoption fees range from $150-$750, with all adoption fees going back to saving more dogs and cats in need. The fees help pay for:

» Spay and neuter: Even with discounted services, spay and neuter costs still account for almost half of Spark’s adoption fees, and would otherwise exceed the adoption fees.

» Transporting dogs long distances from high-kill shelters, vaccinations, dewormer, food and supplies comprise most of what remains of the adoption fee.

» Emergency veterinary care: Some dogs arrive with injuries or will develop serious illnesses such as pneumonia, which require emergency vet care, leading to high vet bills. Adoption fees help, but Spark relies mainly on donations to pay for this care.

Spark Rescue microchips all of its dogs and cats, and instructions are included in the records adopters receive.

Spark Rescue has dogs available for adoption in all shapes and sizes: mixes and purebreds, puppies, adult dogs, and senior dogs — and cats. All adoptable animals have been spayed/neutered, microchipped, and are up to date on their vaccinations

Before someone can adopt, Spark asks that they submit an application and, upon approval, an adoption contract.

Spark Rescue is a nonprofit; tax-deductible donations go directly toward making better lives for its animals.

For more about Sparks Rescue and to view photos of available pets, visit