There is a growing conservative movement within Generation Z, spurred by numerous conservative intellectuals in the mainstream. SBCC has most certainly seen a major rift in the divide between modern PC politics and youth conservative movements.

In response, SBCC student Cage Englander has established a Young America’s Foundation chapter at SBCC.

It was set for an official social media and media launch on Monday. The goal of the chapter will be to raise awareness and presence of conservative ideology throughout campus.

The club will be centered on ideas of small government, individual freedom, fiscal responsibility and a strong national defense. This is a good time for less common or accepted voices to enter the dialogue on campus.

Starting Monday, the Twitter (@SBCCYAF), Instagram (@SBCCYAF) and Facebook page (SBCC Young Americans for Freedom) will be live.

YAF is a nonprofit, thus donations are an integral part of functioning as a chapter.

This group, if successful, could be a major turning point for political and social dialogue throughout SBCC. It could help bring calmer right-leaning voices into the public eye and hopefully help encourage a more free and open discourse throughout the city as a whole.

The Young America’s Foundation is a conservative youth organization, founded in 1969, whose mission is to ensure that “increasing numbers of young Americans understand and are inspired by the ideas of individual freedom, a strong national defense, free enterprise and traditional values.”

— Cage Englander represents the SBCC Chapter of the Young America’s Foundation.