Lompoc has started the process of installing surveillance cameras throughout the city, with the intention of improving public safety.

The city has already installed 12 cameras at strategic locations that will not be disclosed for security reasons, and city administrators hope to install 80-100 cameras in total over the next several months.

Previously, Lompoc had about 10 cameras throughout the city that are dated and have low-grade technology.

In addition to promoting public safety, the cameras will be used to collect traffic data and help identify quality-of-life issues throughout Lompoc. The cameras, which are mobile and can be moved based on need, are funded by money set aside for this purpose.

The practice of placing surveillance cameras throughout the city of Lompoc follows suit with neighboring cities. The Lompoc Police Department is involved with strategic placement of the cameras, and will have access to the camera footage.

“We at the Lompoc Police Department want to do everything possible to make the city safer,” said Police Chief Joe Mariani. “Surveillance cameras are an important tool in deterring and solving crime in the city.”

— Samantha Scroggin for city of Lompoc.